Charing Crematorium can ensure your loved one is EverWith you

Charing Crematorium can ensure your loved one is EverWith you

by Charing Crematorium

Charing Crematorium can ensure your loved one is EverWith you

Bereaved families in the communities surrounding Charing Crematorium can now carry a little piece of their loved one with them at all times, thanks to personal jewellery keepsakes.

The crematorium is part of Westerleigh Group, which has formed a new partnership with EverWith, who designs, manufactures and retails a large range of affordable, high-quality, memorial jewellery which incorporates the ashes of a loved one.

Grief of losing a loved one is a very personal journey and one which everyone experiences differently.

Some people can find extra comfort in keeping something of their loved one close to them, which traditionally involved keeping their photo in a wallet or inside a necklace pendant.

Thanks to the innovation in technology, Charing Crematorium now offers local people the chance to order beautiful pieces of personal jewellery containing some of their loved one’s ashes or a glass-like stone made from the ashes.

Charing Crematorium Site Manager James Brown said: “We are very pleased to be working with one of the UK’s largest memorial jewellery companies. A big part of grieving is finding a way to honour and keep their loved one with them.

“Creating a piece of jewellery with their ashes, whether it is a ring, bracelet, earrings, charm bead or cufflinks, will provide them with a personal keepsake to forever cherish.

“Anyone with the ashes of their loved one, even if their service did not take place in our crematorium, can still contact us to learn more about how their ashes can be used to create a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery.”

Jonathan Burton, Director of EverWith Memorial Jewellery, said: “My team and I are delighted that Charing Crematorium has recognised us for our beautiful memorial jewellery and also our growing status within the UK funeral industry. 

“Our focus will always be to offer beautiful, affordable and extremely high-quality memorial jewellery, backed up by our brilliant trade and customer service teams.”

To find out more about jewellery range available at Charing Crematorium, visit: